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User-friendly and accessible

yasKit is designed with ease of use in mind, requiring minimal training to get started, making it a seamless addition to your engineering team’s toolkit, regardless of their existing AI expertise.

Loading data includes automatic data preparation.
Choose pre-defined ML models or define from scratch.

AI-driven automation

AI-driven automation and efficiency improvement: yasKit leverages advanced AI and machine learning capabilities to automate data analysis and optimize engineering processes, enabling engineers to tackle complex problems more efficiently. According to a McKinsey study, the integration of AI in R&D can lead to a 50% improvement in efficiency, making yasKit a powerful asset for your team’s performance.

Straightforward workflow

By automating various aspects of the workflow, such as data preparation, yasKit enables engineers to focus on innovation and optimization, leading to more efficient and effective projects.

Intuitive and direct workflow for engineers.
Use your results for optimization and prediction.

Enhanced decision-making

The platform’s ability to analyze vast amounts of data and parameters allows users to explore multiple design scenarios and make informed, data-driven decisions, ultimately improving the quality of their work.

Data security and confidentiality

yasKit runs on local computers, eliminating the need for cloud or internet access, which ensures that sensitive data and intellectual property remain secure. This offers users peace of mind and addresses a major concern within the industry.

yasKit runs perfectly on airgapped devices.

Competitive advantage

Adopting yasKit provides a technological edge, positioning users at the forefront of AI-driven engineering solutions and allowing them to adapt to evolving industry demands.

Max Kassera, founder and lead developer

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