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Introducing yasKit

A software solution that incorporates AI-driven capabilities into a simulation engineer’s skillset, while running locally to ensure data privacy.


Developed with precision and backed by industry expertise, yasKit simplifies complex simulation data analysis by creating efficient representations of your projects, enabling engineers to optimize efficiency and decision-making.


Experience the ideal combination of convenience, data protection, and AI integration with yasKit, and unlock new opportunities to advance your engineering solutions.

yasAI delivers state-of-the-art AI and Data Science to make your engineering projects a success

Use Cases

yasKit has many applications in different fields. As yasAI, we have expertise in:


  • Turbomachinery
  • Aerospace
Streamlined Gearbox Design
yasKit can be employed to optimize gearbox designs, focusing on enhancing efficiency. Its AI-driven analysis allows the exploration of various gear configurations and materials, pinpointing the best combination to minimize friction and maximize energy transfer. The outcome is an efficient gearbox system that reduces energy losses and contributes to overall product performance.
Pioneering Wind Turbine Blade Design
Harnessing yasKit's capabilities enables the design of state-of-the-art wind turbine blades that optimize energy generation. The platform supports the simulation of different blade shapes, materials, and aerodynamic properties, leading to the identification of the most effective design. This process results in wind turbines with higher energy output, promoting a more sustainable energy future.
Effective Cooling System Design
yasKit can be utilized to develop optimal thermal management solutions for cooling systems. AI-driven analysis allows the assessment of multiple cooling configurations and their impact on temperature distribution within the facility. This ensures efficient cooling systems that help maintain safe operating temperatures while reducing energy consumption.
Automotive Lightweight Design
Leveraging yasKit enables the development of lightweight vehicle components while maintaining structural integrity. Simulating various material combinations and design configurations helps identify the best balance between weight reduction and structural performance. This approach results in vehicles with improved fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and enhanced safety features.
Fluid Dynamics Optimization in Pipeline Systems
yasKit can be used to optimize fluid dynamics and minimize pressure losses in pipeline systems for fluid transport. The platform's AI-driven analysis allows exploration of various pipe layouts, diameters, and flow control methods to determine the most efficient configuration. This leads to a well-designed pipeline system that minimizes energy consumption and reduces operational costs.
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