Introducing yasAI

yasAI is a small German company specialized in optimizing fluid systems designs at the simulation stage.


We also use our combined expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Mechanical Engineering to create software for design optimization and offer trainings in AI for mechanical and simuation engineers.


We offer training courses enabling companies and simulation engineers to understand and employ Artificial Intelligence.

All courses are designed to answer questions such as:

  • How does AI work?
  • Is AI useful to our projects?
  • Where does AI already outperform simulations? What are limits of AI performance?
  • How to include AI into a simulation workflow?

We currently offer two types of trainings:


Individual Project Training

Designed to train simulation engineers by applying AI to produce real optimized designs for projects of your company.

This course starts with a one-day onsite training at your office where you learn the basics of Artificial Intelligence and how to make your projects benefit from it. 

After the kickoff training multiple follow-ups ensure you stay on track.

This course is offered in English or German language.


Fundamentals Of AI For Simulation Engineers

A software independent two-day introductory course organized by NAFEMS (Link)



yasKit lets engineers easily create their own neural networks. It doesn’t require any coding experience and is easy to learn.

Development of yasKit started in 2020 and was awarded two German government grants .

The software is currently in beta release and we plan to go open source soon!


Learn more about yasKit.


yasAI Design Finder

Design Finder works with CFD simulation data to let engineers iteratively find optimal designs for complex fluid systems.

It is currently under development.




yasAI partners and industry experts to offer tailored AI-powered solutions and services that meet the diverse needs of our clients.





Max Kassera, founder and AI trainer

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